Wet Suits for Other Water Sports and Activities

Each activity and water sport has different and specific requirements for its wet suits.


This is our basic design. Suits may be all one color or have color accents on sleeves and collar, as well as the bust panel on women’s’ suits. Raglan sleeves, crotch gusset, full edge finishing and knee pads. Overlock suits available in 2mm or 3mm nylon two side. Glued and blind stitched suits are available in 2, 3, 5, and 7mm nylon two side. All seams are double glued, assembled by hand and sewn using blind stitches on the inside and outside of seams

Long Sleeve Jumpsuit nylon 2
2mm to 5mm glued and blind stitched$255.00 41JSN2
2mm to 5mm glued and blind stitched$310.00 41JSN2-7
1) men's front zipper
2) women's rear zipper
other water sports- Custom Surf Jumpsuit

Custom Surf Jumpsuit

has nylon 1 skin out chest panel to reduce cooling by evaporation

2mm to 5mm glued and blind stitched

Long Sleeve Shorty   nylon 2
pending2mm to 5mm glued and blind stitched$160.00 41LSN2
7mm glued and blind stitched$200.00 41LSN2-7
Short Sleeve Shorty nylon 2
2mm to 3mm overlock$110.00 41SSOL
2mm to 5mm glued and blind stitched$130.00 41SSN2
1) men's front zipper
2) men's rear zipper, skin out torso panel