Lycra, Sea Lice and Thermal Fleece Skins

In addition to our lines of wetsuits, we also make and sell lycra skins, thermal fleece skins, and sea lice suits (or is it anti-sea lice suits?) Our lycra skins are available in the Atlantis style. Sea lice suits are essentially lycra skins with neck and wrist seals to keep these warm water pests out of your skin. (To learn more about them, click here) Thermal skins have a thin layer of insulation to offer minimal thermal protection in warmer waters where a full wet suit is not needed. They are not a substitute for a wet suit, contrary to what other vendors of these products claim.

We use a heavier and more expensive tricot lycra in the skins we manufacture. The lighter (usually about 4 to 6 oz), less expensive rochelle lycra used in most other skins has most of its stretch in a single direction. If the skin is cut in the wrong way, this can limit the stretch far more than you would expect. It can also shorten the life of the skin. The tricot lycra we use has fairly equal stretch in both directions. Between that and the heavier (8.4 oz) lycra we use, we expect our skins will last longer and protect you from scratches and sea life better than most other skins.

We make lycra skins in custom sizes also.

Lycra Skins




Available in 8.4 oz lycra/nylon, for more durability and protection. Atlantis has black body with accents in sleeve and collar. Available in front zipper entry only.also available in blue, brown or green camouflage.

See Accessories for matching hoods


Sea Lice Skins


$100.00 – 41ASL

Provides excellent protection against sea lice. Available in 8.4 oz lycra/nylon with 1.5mm neoprene wrist seals and neck seal. Atlantis style is the same as above with added seals.

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Thermal Skins


Jumpsuit – $150.00 – 51PJS
Hooded Vest – $70.00 – 51PHV
Thermal skins are made of a trilaminate material consisting of an outer covering of lycra bonded by a polyurethane adhesive to a soft fleece inner lining (polartec). Wind resistant thermal skins are perfect for tropical diving or as an additional under garment for cold water diving (for off the rack suits that do not fit closely and leave gaps between them and your skin).

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