Wet Suits for Commercial Divers

Tough suits for tough divers

Nobody is tougher on wet suits than commercial divers. We know. We’ve been making suits for them and fixing them for years. Our commercial diving customers bring in suits for repairs that have been sliced, have gashes, holes, and parts that are just worn out from being put to hard work and wear.

Our customers like how much warmer Rubatex keeps them when they are in the water for long periods of time. They also like that we can add any custom pocket or anything else they want, add (and replace ) thigh pads, shin pads, and other accessories to prolong the life of their work clothes underwater, or simply tailor a suit differently for greater comfort while working. Since many of them are far from the trim, slim working divers some people might expect to see, they also like that we can custom fit anyone, regardless of size or proportions. Some have been buying their wet suits from us for well over twenty years.

If you are a commercial diver and get a wet suit from us, you can be assured of getting the best wet suits made, and that we will be here to fix it when you need repairs. We can also add or make any custom items you may require, from pads and pockets of all types to chaps and sleeves (as shown below) to protect your suit from excessive abrasion. Be sure to ask us about them when ordering your suit.

We strongly suggest that you get a custom fit suit when getting wet suit for commercial diving. With all that work and movements, you’ll appreciate the warmth of a custom fit that keeps water from flushing in and out of your wet suit. It doesn’t make sense to get a wet suit for frequent wear, one that you depend on to allow you to work, and not have it tailor made to your dimensions, even if you fall into the off the rack size range.

This is our basic design. Suits may be all one color or have color accents on sleeves and collar, as well as the bust panel on women’s’ suits. Raglan sleeves, crotch gusset, full edge finishing and knee pads. Overlock suits available in 2mm or 3mm nylon two side. Glued and blind stitched suits are available in 2, 3, 5, and 7mm nylon two side. All seams are double glued, assembled by hand and sewn using blind stitches on the inside and outside of seams

Most of our commercial diver customers prefer basic black. It hides dirt and grime more than any other color. With the kind of work they do, other colors look even worse when the suit gets dirty, even when they are used for accents only. We do have colors avaliable for those who want them (we suggest the darker colors, blue and purple).

Our commercial diver suits come with a cloverleaf crotch in appropriate suit styles. It is a virtual necessity due to the high stress and abuse commercial wet suits must endure.

Long Sleeve Shorty & Farmer Johnglued & blind stitched
wetsuit description2-5mm $315.00 41STN2
7mm$395.00 41STN2-7
1) shown with optional knife pocket
2) shown with optional attached hood and arm expansion zippers
the bottom edge of the shorty has been highlighted in blue to show the two pieces of the suit
Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
2 - 5mm
glued and blind stitched
$255.00 41JSN2
glued and blind stitched
$310.00 41JSN2-7
1) men's front zipper
2) men's front zipper shown with optional cold water collar
Long Sleeve Shorty
2 - 5mm
glued and blind stitched
$160.00 41LSN2
glued and blind stitched
$200.00 41LSN2-7
Farmer John
2 - 5mm
glued and blind stitched
$160.00 41FJN2
glued and blind stitched
$200.00 41FJN2-7
shown with optional knife pocket
In addition to the ones listed below, we can add hood and shoulder pads (useful for those divers who bump into encrusted bottoms, such as when cleaning hulls, chest pockets for holding nuts, bolts, washers, etc. when doing prop changes) and anything you want or can imagine.
Sleeve protectorscall for pricing
Chapscall for pricing
Drawstring Neck Dam$75.00
Spine Pad$45.00SP
Spine and Kidney Pad$60.00
Oversize Spine Pad$70.00
Elbow Pads$35.00ELP
Extended Elbow Pads (covers forearm)$55.00EEP
Knee Pads (included at no charge on F/J and Jumpsuits)$35.00KP
Extended Knee Pads (covers shin to ankle)$55.00EKP
Dura-Knee Pads (most durable)$75.00CKP
Butt Pad 3mm$55.00BP
Hood Face Seal$20.00FS
Seal Set (wrist, ankle and neck)$60.00SS
Wrist Seals (smooth rubber in at wrist)$25.00WS
Ankle Seals (smooth rubber in at ankle)$25.00AS
Neck Seal (smooth rubber in on collar)$25.00NS