Wet Suits for Cave and Technical Divers

Using G-231N Nitrogen Blown Neoprene

If you are a cave diver or technical diver, a scientific or research diver, you take your diving very seriously (not that any diving should be treated trivially). Your investment in the additional equipment and training beyond sport diving is substantial. If you are not diving in a dry suit, there is only one wet suit you should be using, one made of Rubatex G-231N nitrogen blown neoprene. When you are penetrating some cave system or wreck and having to deal with several factors, including mixed gas diving and staged decompression, you don’ t need the problems of variable heat loss caused by neoprene that loses thickness and insulating value at depth. When spending that much time in the water, you want a wet suit that will keep you as warm as possible and will last as long as you do.

You probably know that already. We won’t waste your time by talking about anything other that G-231N. It’s the only neoprene you should even consider and the only one we will mention on this page. We also strongly suggest the addition of a seal set to minimize water entry and a spine pad to fill that space along your backbone.

Long Sleeve Shorty & Farmer John
7mm $1065.004ITSTN2-7
Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
styles_0001_Layer 103mm$585.0041TJSN2-3
glued and blind stitched
men's front zipper
1) shown with optional knife pocket
2) shown with optional cold water collar
Short Sleeve Shorty - nylon 2
7mm $320.0041TSSN2-7
men's front zipper
Short Farmer John/ Jane - nylon 2
styles_0004_Layer 73mm$240.0041TJSN2-3
7mm $320.0041TJSN2-7
Hooded Vest - nylon 2
7mm $295.0041VHZN2-7
Atlantis style two color accent center panel in hood, women may also accent bust panel. With front or side zipper.
Standard Cold Water Hood - nylon 2
7mm with 3mm skirt, glued and blind stitched $160.007CWHN2-7
Available in 3 mm to 7mm nylon two, all Black
Short Neck Hood - nylon 2
7mm $125.007CWHN2-7
Add $ 15.00 for face seal.
Add $ 20.00 for Entry Zipper.