Measuring for a Custom Wetsuit

You can dive alone (not recommended) but you can’t measure alone.
You will need someone to take your measurements.


We realize that no diagram is a good substitute for the human body in showing exactly where a measurement is taken. Thus, in addition to the illustration, you can click on links that will show you actual pictures of measurements taken on our son. That should help eliminate any doubt of where the measurement points are. Just click on the title of each measurement to see that measurement taken on a real person.
The person doing the measuring can practice by taking the measurements two or three times (or more). Any discrepancies might indicate an areas in which a review of the measurement points would be beneficial, and advised.
Arm and leg measurements should be taken on the favored side. If one is right-handed, measure on the right side . The person being measured should face ahead, keeping their eyes and head level. Do not look down while measurements 9-15 are being taken as it will create an error in your measurements.

Please note that many of the measurements connect from one point to the next.
You can leave one end of the measuring tape in place and advance to the next measurement.
As an example, measurement 2. wrist goes to forearm for measurement 3. The far end then becomes the point to measure the forearm, measurement 4. From that point you move on to measurement 5. Measurements 12, 13, and 14 use the same starting point and just end at different points.

If there should be a big difference between left and right extremity sizes, perhaps due to illness, injury, or some other reason, please be sure to measure both sides and let us know which side is the larger one.

1. Brow Place tape around head and measure circumference of head at brow, approximately 1 (2.5 cm) inch above eyebrows

2. Center of the head to the neck

3. Brow to neck Place one end of tape at brow line and measure to base of neck.

4. Neck Place tape around base of neck at shoulders.

5. Wrist Place tape around wrist one inch above wrist bone.

6. Wrist to forearm Place end of tape at wrist bone with arm extended. Sight largest part of forearm and measure to this point.

7. Forearm Place tape around point determined to be the largest part of forearm.

8. Forearm to elbow With arm extended, place tape at largest part of forearm and measure to just above elbow.
(This measurement will be 2 to 3 inches on men and 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches on women and children.)

9. Elbow Place tape around elbow just above elbow bone.

10. Elbow to biceps With arm extended, place tape just above elbow bone and measure to point where shoulder muscle goes into arm.
(This measurement will be 3 to 4 inches on men and some women and 2 to 3 inches on most women and children.)

11. Biceps Place tape around point determined to be the largest point.

12. Shoulder to bust Place end of tape at center of shoulder and measure down to the tip of bust.
Note: a bathing suit should be worn when this measurement is taken. Sports bras or bras that uplift may throw off the fit in the bust area, particularly for women who are amply endowed.

13. Chest Raise both arms and place tape around chest under armpit, then lower arms. Make sure tape is not too tight.

14. Bust (women only) Raise both arms, place tape around tip of bust, lower arms, and measure.

15. Underarm to center (women only)

16. Underarm to waist With arm at side, place end of tape at tendon between chest and arm and measure to navel. You can feel the tendon at the edge of the armpit, just above the pectoral muscle.

17. Underarm to hip With arm at side, place end of tape at tendon between chest and arm and measure to hip. (The hip is measured at the pubic bone, not the hip bone.)

18. Underarm to buttocks

19. Underarm to wrist With arm at side, place end of tape at tendon between chest and arm and measure to wrist bone.
Note: for those who have an arm that naturally has am acute angle, lay the tape along the arm and measure along the contours of the arm.

20. Sternum to buttocks Place tape at center of chest at level of armpits and measure to the buttocks.

21. Base of neck to crotch

22. Shoulder to crotch

23. Shoulder to ankle

24. Waist Place tape around waist at navel and measure (at narrowest part)

25. Hip bone Place tape around hips at pubic bone (not at hip bone) and measure.
(The hip bone is approximately 3 to 4 inches higher than the pubic bone.)

26. Buttocks

27. Inseam Place end of tape at top of notch and measure to ankle bone.

28. Thigh Place tape around thigh at top of crotch and measure.

29. Thigh to knee Place end of tape on side of leg at point determined to be thigh (#19) and measure to center of knee cap.

30. Knee Place tape around knee below knee cap and measure.

31. Knee to calf Place end of tape outside of leg at center of knee cap and measure to largest part of calf.

32. Calf Place tape around calf at point determined to be the largest point and measure.

33. Calf to ankle Place tape at largest point of calf and measure to ankle bone.

34. Ankle Place bottom edge of tape 1 inch above ankle bone and measure.