A very special gift certificate for a very special dive buddy

We offer gift certificates year round and offer a very special twist. Upon request, along with the purchase of any wet suit gift certificate, we will send one of our child size suits. Aside from a chuckle over the small size, the recipient will see and hold an actual, real wetsuit, which can be redeemed for one more to their size and liking.

To give a gift certificate, simply contact us with the amount (if you want to put it on your credit card) and the name and address of the recipient. We can send them a mini-suit with a certificate in your name stating the amount it and the mini-suit can be redeemed for. If you like, we can send it directly to you instead.

To redeem a gift certificate, just send us the mini-suit and / or gift certificate. Select the suit you want and we will apply your gift certificate to the amount.