Seeing is believing!

See how various neoprenes hold up under pressure

It’s easy to tell you that Wetwear NCN (nitrogen composed neoprene) and G-231NBN (G-231 nitrogen blown neoprene) are the best neoprenes for divers. You may have already confirmed that elsewhere. There’ s nothing like seeing it for yourself. Our compression chamber has samples of the best neoprene grades for diving that most of the major neoprene manufacturers provided. It also has samples of the Wetwear NCN and G-231NBN grades we use, in various thicknesses. See for yourself how they compare.

So sure are we that Wetwear NCN and G-231NBN is the very best neoprene for diving, that we extend this offer. If you get a sample of any diving grade neoprene you think may do as well, mark it with your name and send it to us. We will put it in the chamber, photograph it and include it on our web site so the world can see it.

Keep in mind that for years, we’ve had neoprene manufacturers contact us stating they had something as good as Wetwear NCN and G-231NBN, some saying it is even better. We had them send us samples of their best neoprene for diving, tested them in our chamber, and confirmed that marketing people don’t know what the truth is, or at least don’t repeat it. Their neoprene fell flat. Thus far none have been anywhere near as good as Wetwear NCN.

The chamber

What began as a science project for our son Eric several years ago has turned into a valuable business tool for us. It’s great to be able to demonstrate to people in seconds what we’ve known for years, that Wetwear NCN and G-231NBN neoprene resists compression more than others and will keep you warmer. We use the chamber in our store to show customers the truth about neoprene. We also take it with us to the various consumer shows we do, and even to DEMA when we used to go there.

The chamber consists of a small compression chamber with a pressure gauge mounted atop it. It is powered by aluminum scuba cylinders located in the base (about 42 inches tall, a little over a meter) that feed air through small high pressure lines that come up through the base to the chamber itself. There is a fill switch on the lower left that is depressed to pressurize the chamber. The pressure relief/empty switch is located on the back of the unit and is not visible in the photographs.

Our hyperbaric chamber for testing neoprenes

The test

When demonstrating the chamber test in our store, we start at surface pressure and begin pressurizing the chamber. We stop briefly at each additional atmosphere of pressure (approximately 33 ft, 66 ft, 99 ft.- 10m, 20m., 30m, etc.) taking it deeper for those divers go go deeper. After a brief pause, we then begin depressurizing, again stopping at each atmosphere. The visual results are amazing, as you can see for yourself. Wetwear NCN and G-231NBN  compresses less and recovers faster than other neoprene. It lasts longer over time as it is more compression resistant and durable and retains its flexibility and warmth retention capabilities longer.