Making wet suits is our business. It is not a part time business for us, nor a hobby, nor are we order takers for the real manufacturer in another state. We are the manufacturer. Since 1976, we have made wet suits in our own manufacturing facilities, just a few feet away from the retail showroom. You can see more of our store here. Meanwhile, you can see the manufacturing end on this page.

Below are pictures of most of the steps in the making of a custom wetsuit order. After a pattern is drafted on heavy craft paper, the pattern is transferred to the neoprene by tracing with a chalk pencil. The pieces are then cut, smaller pieces glued, pressed together and sewn with blind stitches, first on one side, then the other. The binding is sewn on the appropriate edges (like ankle and wrist openings, collars, and zipper flap edges. The remaining major pieces are glued and sewn together, zippers sewn in, and a wet suit has been created.