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The Wetwear EZ-ON Jumpsuit is our most popular wetsuit AND the easiest wetsuit to put on and take off available to divers today. The EZ-ON Jumpsuit features arm zippers from the wrist to the bicep and leg zippers from the ankle to the thigh. Getting into the EZ-ON Jumpsuit is as easy as getting into a shirt and pants.

Even better, after completing your dive just open the zippers to allow air to flow through the suit cooling you off during those hot summer or tropical dive trips. No need to be concerned about water intrusion through the zippers. The EZ-ON zippers are backed off with lightweight rubber coated Lycra expansion gussets.

The EZ-ON Jumpsuit is available soft-stretch neoprene for the entry level and casual diver or compression resistant nitrogen composed neoprene for the active diver. Choose from 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm in black, royal blue, purple, yellow, neon green, and red.

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Jeff Taylor

Lee County Sheriffs Office Underwater Operations Unit

Just wanted to thank you for the two suits that we recently ordered, for the Underwater Operations Unit. As usual. they arrived on time, and fit perfectly. I am especially pleased with the zippers on the arms and the leg zippers that enable our divers to respond from one location to another without removing the suit. recently surveyed our equipment purchases, a realized that we have been purchasing wetsuits from you for the past 13 years. All of our older suits, mine included. are still serviceable.

Rick McKinley

Retired FF/PM, Metro Fire Sacramento

How would I describe a Wetwear wetsuit? Amazing. Perfect. Better than any suit I've owned, and I've owned a lot in my 20 years of diving and 40 years of riding waves. I've bought suits from my local surf shop, dive shop, eBay and the "Walmart" of dive gear and nothing comes close to what Connie has made for me.

 My suit was done in about 4 weeks. Initial meeting/measuring, fitting 2 weeks later and ready for pick-up 2 weeks after fitting. I couldn't pick it up right away because of another back procedure being done. Fits like a glove is an under statement. This suit (full with a shortie) is like second skin. The way a wetsuit should fit.

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David Aldrich

Hi Guys...
I LOVE the suit! I have worn in now 16 times on dives, several pool training dives and absolutely love it. I need to get it down to 200 ft to "break it in" buoyancy wise, but it is all that you said it was! 

Karen McCarthy

I'm tall and have long arms and legs. Needless to say getting a wetsuit to fit me has been impossible. Some friends recommended Connie and WetWear for a custom made wetsuit for an upcoming dive trip on the Amira in Indonesia. I was warm and so comfortable in my new wetsuit. I t was perfect. And there is something else that had me singing Connie's praises. We had to gear up quickly for we seemed to alway be "Group One" with 5 minutes before the next group arrived to gear up. These suits Connie makes are so easy to slip into for they have zippers on the sleeves and legs. Getting it off, a breeze.

Barbara Mandarano

Can't dive without my custom wetsuit! I've tried countless others. NONE keep me as warm as this high quality suit. Tight, perfect fit without the hastles. The zippers are the envy of divers I meet who struggle to get into their suits. No baby shampoo or plastic bags for me! I have 1200 dives. This custom fit suit with amazing neoprene and rubber at neck, wrists and ankles is almost like a dry suit (without constraints) and keeps me warm! If you're on the fence, go for it. You will be very glad you did!